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Meet the Powerhouse Behind Cultive8 Technologies

Shamim Murad

Chief Executive Officer

Faiyead Hye

Chief Operating Officer

Md. Shafiqur Rahman

National Field Operations Manager

Khurshidul Alam Kazal

Head of Sales- Crop Care

Dr. Md. Riadul Hasan

Product Group Manager- Animal Health

Md. Ariful Islam

Manager- Human Resource Management

Sujon Talukder

Product Manager- Crop Care

Tanmoy Majumder

Business Development Manager- ERP

Dr. Mofijur Rahman

Assistant Product Manager- Animal Health

A. M. Nahid Mahamud

Senior Product Executive-Animal Health

Mobin Hossain Shohan

Product Executive- Animal Health

Sadia Afreen Mou

Communication & PR Officer

Sayem Ahmed Sony

Product Executive- Digital

M. A. Awal

Executive- Accounts & Finance

Md. Jobaid Hossain Midul

IT Support Engineer

Md. Al-Amin Hossain

Office Assistant


Cultive8 Technologies Limited is an advanced agricultural technology company that provides a unified platform connecting agricultural input companies, retailers, and farmers. Our platform simplifies the procurement and distribution of agricultural inputs while promoting sustainability and efficiency in the agricultural supply chain.

If you are an agricultural input company, retailer, or farmer, our platform offers several benefits. You can access a wide range of high-quality agricultural products, streamline your procurement process, reduce costs, and connect with a broader customer base. We also promote sustainable agricultural practices to benefit both the industry and the environment.

Yes, the Station8 App is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms. You can find it on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Or just click on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cultive8.station8&pcampaignid=web_share

To become a registered user, simply visit our website or download the Station8 App. You can sign up as an agricultural input company, retailer, or farmer, depending on your role in the industry. Follow the registration process and provide the necessary information to get started.

Our platform offers a diverse range of agricultural inputs, including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, equipment, and more. We partner with various reputable input companies to provide a comprehensive selection of products

We promote sustainability by collaborating with eco-friendly input companies, offering sustainable product options, and advocating for environmentally responsible farming practices. Our goal is to contribute to a greener and more sustainable agricultural sector.

Absolutely! We have a dedicated customer support team ready to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may encounter. You can reach out to our support team through the platform or contact us via the provided contact information.

Agricultural input companies can expand their market reach by partnering with us. We provide a platform to showcase your products to a broader audience, facilitate efficient distribution, and connect you with retailers and farmers looking for high-quality inputs.


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